180 Seconds with Oprah

Oprah at the GSB 2014

Here is how you take a portrait of Oprah with 5 anxious PR/Comm people pacing behind you reminding you that you have only 180 seconds : take a breath, hold up your camera, tell Oprah she looks beautiful (because she does), say a prayer, and ‘click.’ Oprah will take care of the rest.



I spent a weekend with the awesome Yuan/Hicks family in early December. They were married in Yosemite and came back for time some family time before they have their 2nd child. During the shoot, both grandmas got togther to open the results of the ultrasound. It’s a…..shhhhhhh!

The grandmas react after finding out if it’s going to be a boy or a girl!

Maybe you’d like to see the video?